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Quote from Love Birds

Quartet: [sing to Sandra] Keep the love-light glowing In your eyes so true
Justine: How much is it costing her to keep this up?
Carol: It's so sad. I love it.
Quartet: Let me call you, sweetheart I'm in love with you


Quote from Employee Appreciation Day

Sandra: Well, I care about maternity leave. I'm not pregnant, but I am in a relationship that's going very well, and we don't use protection.
Carol: Cut the crap, Sandra. I know you're sleeping with Jerry.
Garrett: Whoa.
Sayid: What? I- I-
Justine: You broke the coin flip?
Marcus: Why do we even have laws?
Mateo: I guess Amy's not the only hypocrite in the room.

Quote from Cloud 9.0

Carol: Congratulations.
Sandra: Um, Carol, I didn't know that you were working today.
Carol: I just came to pick up my check.
Sandra: You know, now that I think about it, Jerry's proposal was probably a joke. You know his sick sense of humor.
Carol: No. Even when Jerry was with me, his heart was with you. I'm happy for you.
Sandra: Really?
Carol: Yep. The best woman won. [smiles]

Quote from Sandra's Wedding

Carol: I wanted Sandra to get sick so tomorrow would be ruined, okay?
Amy: What the hell, Carol?
Sandra: I knew you hadn't changed.
Carol: I'm sorry. I tried. But I just couldn't let the anger go. I'm a mess. I shouldn't be any part of this.
Driver: Mmm, that cupcake was delicious. Mmm.
Justine: Ooh, someone should tell him.
Cheyenne: Yeah.
Amy: No, no, no, no, no! Maybe he'll be fine.
Cheyenne: Oh, he's not fine.

Quote from Carol's Back

Sandra: Hey, Carol, I got you these muffins as a welcome back gift.
Carol: Oh, thanks, Sandra, but I'm stuffed from lunch. [throws them in the trash]

Quote from California (Part 2)

Carol: Good luck drying out in there. In "California."

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