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Season 4, Episode 12 -  Aired March 21, 2019

The Cloud 9 employees and customers get trapped in the store during a blizzard.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: [sniffs] Okay, okay, well, it's a cherry cola. The acidity is too intense for Coca-Cola Cherry, and it's not quite full-bodied enough to be Cloud 9 Cherry Splash. [snaps fingers] RC Cherry Cola.
Justine: It's Bud Light Lime.
Marcus: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'm getting that.


Quote from Sandra

Mateo: So we're just supposed to spend the night here like homeless people.
Garrett: Yes, this is the exact sleeping situation homeless people have.
Cheyenne: They wouldn't sleep here. This place is crawling with raccoons.
Sandra: I let a homeless guy use my bathroom once. Now he just does it when I'm not even home.

Quote from Dina

Garrett: All right, we've narrowed it down to two choices: Game of Thrones season one or Friends season nine.
Dina: Is that the season with Paul Rudd?
Garrett: Uh, I believe so, yeah.
Dina: Pass.

Quote from Jonah

Reporter: [on TV] The snow is already at my knees and shows no signs of slowing. I know it doesn't look very high, but, once again, I'm 6'7", so it would be above the waist of a normal size person.
Marcus: So much for global warming.
Jonah: Actually, this this is direct proof of the- Nope, I'm not gonna take the bait.

Quote from Jonah

Amy: Um, it's really bad out there. Do you think maybe we could all go home early?
Glenn: Well, we're supposed to stay open till 11:00.
Mateo: Come on, the only people left in the store are us and a few sample suckers.
Glenn: Okay, you know what, yeah, I could give corporate a call, sure. So much for global warming, huh?
Jonah: It's not- It's not global warming. It's climate change.
Amy: Shh.
Jonah: No, but, if anything, this is proof-
Amy: Shh.
Jonah: This...

Quote from Carol

Jerry: Sandra, hi.
Sandra: Hi. What are you-
Carol: Oh, you are a lifesaver. Mmm. [kisses] I ran out of vape juice.
Jerry: It's really bad out there. I hit some ice and almost skidded into a pet cem-
Carol: Oh, this is cotton candy. I asked you for candy cane.
Jerry: Oh, sorry. [sighs]
Carol: Whatever. I guess I don't matter.

Quote from Cheyenne

Cheyenne: [to Sandra] Oh, you look so sad right now. It's, like, haunting. Can I take your picture?
Sandra: Okay.
Cheyenne: Oh, now you just look like a sad clown.
Sandra: I can do it.
Cheyenne: No, it's fine. The moment's passed.

Quote from Garrett

Sandra: You guys think the bus is running on its regular schedule?
Garrett: I doubt it! But maybe we can split an Uber!
Amy: I can't see my car!
Marcus: I lost one of my shoes!
Jonah: Maybe we should go back inside!
Dina: No, we just have to get to our cars!
Garrett: Oh, there's surge pricing!
Marcus: I lost my other shoe!
Garrett: It costs $1,400!
Dina: Okay, we have to go back inside! We're gonna die out here!

Quote from Amy

Amy: So because corporate couldn't let us home a tad bit earlier, now I can't get home to my children?
Jonah: I thought Adam has the kids tonight.
Amy: He does. I'm just trying to make a point.

Quote from Marcus

Isaac: I was gonna host chili night tonight.
Marcus: We were gonna host chili night tonight.
Isaac: Well, it's my apartment. You're just bringing the chili.
Marcus: The chili's the whole point.

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