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Season 6, Episode 6 -  Aired January 21, 2021

When Glenn returns to work after his quarantine, he feels Dina is stepping on his toes as the store manager. Meanwhile, Sandra tries to raise money for her cat's operation.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: It is so nice to be out of quarantine and back running this store. God, I so missed talking to real people. You know, sometimes I pretended that the Nativity figurines in my garage were you guys. [to Jonah] You were the baby Jesus.
Jonah: That's... great. Thank you.


Quote from Cheyenne

Glenn: We've got a really exciting COVID announcement.
Cheyenne: Oh, my God, is it over? I don't know about you guys, but COVID has been, like, super annoying for me.
Jonah: Huh, yeah, now that you mention it, I'd have to give it a thumbs down.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Dina? I just found this in the store. We need to deal with that immediately.
Dina: "This is a threat. The store is in grave danger."
Glenn: Grave danger! That's, like, the worst kind of danger. You know, we need to beef up security, get this place on lockdown till we figure out what is going on. Well, I mean, you do, 'cause you're head of security.
Dina: I don't know about this. I mean, it's a pretty short message, and there aren't even any demands.
Glenn: Huh. Maybe they were in a rush. More to factor in to your investigation.
Dina: Cut out letters from a magazine? What is this, Scooby-Doo? Nah, I think someone's just screwing with us. Probably a kid or, you know, an adult with a recent traumatic brain injury. [laughs] Some dumb-ass spent a half an hour on that thing.
Glenn: [sighs] You didn't have to crumple it.

Quote from Sayid

Sayid: I want my 40 bucks back. That's two seasons of Ray Donovan on Blu-ray.

Quote from Sayid

Jonah: Guys, we did a good deed. Okay, let's just leave it at that. Not everything has to be about money.
Sayid: I'll try and remember that when I'm not watching Ray Donovan.

Quote from Dina

Dina: Hey, sorry about that. I got lost hate-watching a James Corden clip at the gas pump.
Sandra: Ooh, I love him. He has a British accent, but you can tell he's not smarter than you.

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Hey, guys. I'm collecting donations. My vet said my cat, Biscuit, needs balloon valvuloplasty.
Mateo: What is that? Like, implants?
Sandra: No, it's more of a lifesaving thing. Anyway, we're still 900 short after the $5 coupon we got from liking their page on Facebook, so if anybody wants to chip in... [change clinking]
Ken: Aw, I forgot my wallet. This shape in my pocket is a Clif Bar.
Justine: I'm low on cash. You know, 'cause everything's digital now.
Sayid: That's it. Hold the line.
Sandra: I get it. I mean, Biscuit is kinda like a daughter to me, but I guess putting down your daughter is just a part of life.
Mateo: Damn, are you trying to raise money or win an Oscar? [laughs] Sorry, I should've saved that for a private text.

Quote from Carol

Carol: I'll chip in. Here's 20. No, 40.
Sandra: Wow, thank you.
Janet: I'd feel guilty too if I tried to kill that cat.
Carol: This isn't about that. Guys, we're a family, and we have to be there for each other, and Sandra would be there for any of us if we had a gross, sick cat.
Jonah: I guess that's a valid point from Carol, and it looks like I don't have anything smaller than a 20. So good.
Mateo: I mean, Tita Irma has hella cataracts right now, but sure, let me spend my money on this.
Sayid: Way to get the ball rolling, Carol.

Quote from Glenn

Nia: Yeah, what's up?
Glenn: Yeah, sorry. I just wanna check a few things before you go. What kind of symptoms have you been having?
Dina: I've already been through this with her.
Nia: Yeah, I honestly think I just need to see the doctor.
Glenn: I'd say you just need to see the manager. So, um, have you been feeling feverish? You know, any chills? Knuckle stiffness?
Dina: Stiff knuckles? Which would indicate...
Glenn: Well, you don't wanna have 'em, I can tell you that.
Nia: My knuckles are fine.
Glenn: And... and... and the food that you ate, was it sort of smelling funky like a rotting meat with, like, a skin sorta...
Nia: Oh, God! [retches]
Glenn: Oh, um... Okay, manager's assessment is over. Uh, you may go home. [Nia retches]

Quote from Cheyenne

Glenn: Hey, Cheyenne, if you had a work issue you needed to resolve, you'd come see me, right?
Cheyenne: Yeah, if I couldn't find Dina.
Glenn: But I'm the manager! God, I mean, if Dina's gonna handle everything, I don't even know what I'm doing here. I should just go back to my garage.
Cheyenne: Aw, no. We totally need you here. Like, you know, to sign for things and tell us how much milk used to cost.
Glenn: Okay, I just wish Dina would stick to loss prevention. That is her thing.
Cheyenne: Yeah, she's obsessed. One time she chased a guy who was stealing a phone, and he crashed into an endcap, and his knee, like, popped through his skin. Oh, there was, like, knee goo everywhere. She was literally glowing.
Glenn: Yeah, yeah. She really does love security. Maybe she just needs a little reminder. Cheyenne?
Cheyenne: Oh, yeah. Sorry. I was still thinking about that guy's exploded kneecap. I'd show you a photo, but the stupid paramedics were blocking most of the shots.

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