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The Stall

‘The Stall’

Season 5, Episode 12 -  Aired January 6, 1994

Jerry is worried that Elaine will figure out his girlfriend is the woman who denied her toilet paper in a cinema bathroom. Meanwhile, George and Kramer go rock climbing with Elaine's "male bimbo" boyfriend, and Kramer starts dialing adult phone lines.

Quote from George

George: Hi, Elaine.
Elaine: Yeah, this... This isn't a very good time, George.
George: I just wanted to talk to Tony for a minute.
Tony: Step off, George. I don't want to see you.
George: Me? Step off?
Elaine: Yeah.
Elaine: Tony says you better step off, George, so...
George: But why? It wasn't my fault. I... You asked me for a sandwich. I... I made such delicious sandwiches, Elaine.
Tony: Just beat it, dude!
George: Here, Elaine, here. It's Superman. Tony, please. Next time, it'll just be the two of us.
Tony: There won't be any next time, George.
George: Oh. Oh, Tony, don't.


Quote from Elaine

Elaine: Okay. Step off, George, okay? Can you just step off? Step off. Step off. Step off. [closes door; opens it again] George, wait, wait.
George: Yes?
Elaine: Would you throw this trash out?

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