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The Chronicle

‘The Chronicle’

Season 9, Episode 21 -  Aired May 14, 1998

A look back on nine years of Seinfeld. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Jerry

George: You know, if we're gonna see this movie we gotta get moving.
Elaine: Let's roll.
Kramer: Come on, people. Previews. Schnell! Schnell!
Jerry: [to camera] Oh, hello. Nine years. Seems like a long time, doesn't it? It is. And we've packed a lot in, the four of us. It seems like every week a whole new set of problems would just crop up out of nowhere. Except for summer, where nothing seemed to happen for months at a time. Anyway, the point is, over the last nine years...
Kramer: [o.s.] Jerry, we're gonna miss the movie!
Jerry: I'm coming!
Kramer: [o.s.] Previews, Jerry!
Jerry: Just go already! [to camera] Over the last nine years, we've had a lot of experiences. And I'll tell you, when you stop and add them all up, that's what you realize. Watch this.
Elaine: [o.s.] Jerry!
Jerry: Shut up!