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Quote from George in The Betrayal

Sue Ellen: That's it! The wedding's off.
Pinter: What? But, Sue Ellen-
Sue Ellen: Elaine, you were my maid of honor and you slept with my Pinter?!
Elaine: No, no, no! It was years ago. Before you met him. And, and I got to tell you.. it was very mechanical.
Sue Ellen: I have never been so humiliated!
Elaine: Idiots! This is all your fault!
George: Not me! Him! His fault! He betrayed me!
Jerry: George, I'm sorry.
George: Well, you can stuff your sorries in a sack, Mister!
Jerry: I don't know what that means.


 ‘The Betrayal’ Quotes

Quote from Elaine

Elaine: You're not gonna believe what I got in the mail. Invitation to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding.
Jerry: At least the wedding gown will give her some support.
Elaine: Not the point. The wedding is in one week. I got this today.
Jerry: So you think it's a non-vite.
Elaine: It's an un-vitation.

Quote from George

George: Ah, this is the kind of day that almost makes you feel good to be alive.
Jerry: New Timberlands?
George: Yeah, and a whole new me. I'm up two inches on these babies.
Jerry: Really?
George: 5'8". [off Jerry's look] 5'7".

Quote from George

George: Well, wait a minute. Nina just saw me in my Timberlands. Now I have to wear them every time I see her.
Jerry: Why?
George: In any other shoe, I lose two inches. I can't have a drop-down. We're eye to eye. I can't go eye to chin.
Jerry: So you're gonna wear them no matter what the situation?
George: In every situation. No matter how silly I look.