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Quote from Kramer in The Susie

Mike: Jerry's still mad about that phony thing?
Kramer: Are you kidding? It's all water near a bridge.


 ‘The Susie’ Quotes

Quote from George

[George is eating popcorn as he watches TV. He doesn't break his concentration as his phone rings and his answering machine picks up]
George: [on answer phone, to tune of "The Greatest American Hero"] Believe it or not George isn't at home Please leave a message At the beep I must be out Or I'd pick up the phone Where could I be? Believe it or not, I'm not home.

Quote from Elaine

Elaine: Mr. Peterman, Peggy. I guess we should just get this over with.
J. Peterman: Just hold on a minute. We're still one short.
Elaine: No, we're not.
Peggy: Susie has been very rude to me.
J. Peterman: Well, Elaine has nothing but good things to say about Susie.
Elaine: Look. We don't have to name names or point fingers... or name names. Me and her have had our problems. She and I have had our problems. You and I and she and you.
J. Peterman: Don't you drag me into this. This is between you and her and her.
Elaine: Yes. And I am convinced that if she were here with us today, she would agree with me too.
J. Peterman: Who?
Elaine: Her.
J. Peterman: Where is she?
Elaine: This is part of the problem.
Peggy: I thought I was part of this problem.
Elaine: You're a huge part of the problem. But I think that at its core this is a Susie-and-Elaine problem that requires a Susie-and-Elaine solution. And who better to do that than... Elaine and Susie, Susie and Elaine.
J. Peterman: Well, now that we have that cleared up... why don't the three of us have lunch?
Elaine: [loudly] What? Oh, I'm coming. I gotta go. [runs off]
J. Peterman: [to Peggy] She is the best. What was your name again?

Quote from Kramer

Kramer: Look how dark it's getting already.
Jerry: Well, it's not daylight-savings time yet.
Kramer: When does it start?
Jerry: I don't know. They just tell you the night before.
Kramer: Well, I'm sick of waiting. I am springing ahead right now.
Jerry: Oh, I'm sure that won't cause any problems.