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Quote from Jerry in The Pie

Jerry: Aren't mannequins kind of an insult to your imagination? You couldn't possibly visualize a sweater, so we'll show you on this life-size, snotty puppet. I guess when they're finished with them, they become crash-test dummies. That's the end of the line for a mannequin. "Whatever happened to Bob?" "Have you seen that new Volvo commercial? He's got a bullseye right on his face." Mannequins are only used for car accidents and fashion. I guess these are the two situations that it's impossible for us to imagine ourselves: Well-dressed or getting killed. I'm sure there's some pro-mannequin organization that doesn't even like you to use the term mannequin. "Hey, they're not mannequins. They're the life-deprived."


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Quote from Elaine

Elaine: You think you can pose me however you want? That's my ass in your window!
Saleswoman: It's our store and our mannequin, we can do whatever we want with it.
Elaine: No! You take down that mannequin right now, or I'm pressing charges. Yes, this is my attorney.
Saleswoman: Oh, yeah? What law am I breaking?
Jerry: Well, I believe there's some legal precedent - Winchell vs. Mahoney,
Elaine: Uh-huh.
Jerry: The Charlie McCarthy hearings.
Elaine: Uh-huh. Are you taking this down?
Saleswoman: I'm getting the manager. [leaves]
Elaine: Jerry get the car. [grabs the mannequin]
Jerry: What are you doing?
Elaine: Just get the car!
Jerry: Elaine, as your legal counsel I must advise against this.

Quote from Jerry

George: Maybe you said something that offended her.
Jerry: The only thing I can think of is I told her we should have those moving walkways all over the city.
George: Like at the airport?
Jerry: Yeah.
George: That's a great idea!
Jerry: Tell me about it!
George: We could be zipping all over the place.
Jerry: They could at least try it.
George: They never try anything.
Jerry: What's the harm?
George: No harm!

Quote from George

George: Well, I can't walk anywhere now. I'm just gonna be wishing there were walkways!