Estelle Costanza Quote #8

Quote from Estelle Costanza in The Cigar Store Indian

Estelle Costanza: Where am I going to sleep?
George: What are you talking about?
Estelle Costanza: I can't sleep in there!
George: Of course you can.
Estelle Costanza: I can't! [screams] I can't!


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Quote from Kramer

Kramer: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You know what would make a great coffee table book? A coffee table book about coffee tables! Get it?

Quote from Jerry

Winona: So, where are we gonna go eat?
Jerry: I thought we'd eat at the Gentle Harvest.
Winona: Ooh, I love that place, but it's usually so crowded. Can we get a table?
Jerry: Ah, don't worry. I made reser... [stops himself]
Winona: You made what?
Jerry: I uh, I uh, I arranged for the appropriate accommodation. And then, Knick tickets, floor seats.
Winona: How did you get these?
Jerry: Got 'em on the street, from a scal... [stops himself again] A uh, one of those guys.
Winona: What guys?
Jerry: You know, the guys, that uh, they sell the tickets for the sold-out events.
Winona: Oh.

Quote from Jerry

Winona: Jerry, I really need it back. It, it is mine.
Jerry: You can't give something and then take it back. I mean, what are you... [stops himself]
Winona: What?
Jerry: A uh, a person that uh...
Winona: A person that what?
Jerry: Well, a person that gives something and then they're dissatisfied and they wish they had, had never uh...
Winona: And?
Jerry: ...given it to the person that they originally gave it to.
Winona: You mean like, an Indian giver?!
Jerry: I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that term.