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Quote from Jerry in The Parking Garage

Jerry: It's very hard to find a store that you want in a mall. They have the directory, but the problem with it is, even if you figure out where you are, and where you want to go, you still don't really know sometimes which way to walk because it's an upright map. If you had, like, suction-cup feet, then you could just [sucking noise] walk right up on it. Then you could tell, you could be on it going, "All right, I'm here. I wanna go to The Gap. That's down there. All right, I'll just walk that way." People would know you. They would see you walking down the mall going... They'd go, "That's one of those suction-cup guy. I heard about that guy. He's never lost."


 ‘The Parking Garage’ Quotes

Quote from George

George: Oh, what's the difference? We'll all be dead eventually.
Kramer: Does that bother you?
George: Yeah, it bothers me. Doesn't it bother you?
Kramer: Not at all.
George: You see, now that bothers me even more than dying bothers me, cause it's people like you who live to be 120 because you're not bothered by it. How could it not bother you?
Kramer: Well, I once saw this thing on TV with people who are terminally ill. And every one of them believed the secret of life is just to live every moment.
George: Yeah, I've heard that. Meanwhile I'm here with you in a parking garage in Jersey.

Quote from George

George: All right, let me say this to you. If I am not in front of my house at 6:15, when my parents get there, they are going to put me on an aggravation installment plan that will compound with interest for decades.
Jerry: Parents never forget a foul-up. I once left my jacket on the bus when I was fourteen. I was flying to Chicago last week on a plane, "Make sure you hang on to your jacket."

Quote from George

George: You should see what my father used to go through before he bought a new car. He'd go from state to state. He was away for weeks at a time. It was like he was running for President and he was going through the primaries. We'd get phone calls from motels in New Hampshire.