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Quote from J. Peterman in The Frogger

Elaine: Mr. Peterman, you wanted to see me, sir?
J. Peterman: Elaine, up until a moment ago, I was convinced that I was on the receiving end of one of the oldest baker's grift in the books, The Entenmann's shim-sham.
Elaine: Oh.
J. Peterman: Until I remembered the videotape surveillance system that I installed to catch other Walter using my latrine. But it also caught this.
[Mr. Peterman shows Elaine footage of her dancing while eating the cake]
Elaine: Mr. Peterman, I, uh...
J. Peterman: Elaine, I have a question for you. Is the item still "with you"?
Elaine: Um, as far as I know.
J. Peterman: Do you know what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated English basement?
Elaine: Uh, I guess I hadn't--
J. Peterman: Well, I have a feeling that what you are about to go through is punishment enough. Dismissed.

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