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Quote from George in The Wig Master

George: Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Prostitute: Are you a cop?
George: Oh, no, no. I'm not a cop. I work for the Yankees.
Prostitute: Urgh, they stink.
George: Nevertheless. I was wondering if you and your friends are "doing business" here at the Jiffy Park? You know, what do you people call it? Turning tricks? Anyway, see the thing is, I found a condom in my car. And I'm not saying it's yours but, I just want to know if I should just change parking lots.
Prostitute: Get lost, mister. I'm trying to make a living here.
George: I'll pay you for your time. I just... I just need some information. How much do you want? Ten? Fifteen? You have change for twenty?
Prostitute: Fifteen?
Susan Ross: [walks by] George?
George: Hi, honey.

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