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Quote from George in The Cadillac

Katy: I actually would've set you up with a friend of mine.
George: Oh, yeah?
Katy: You'd be perfect for her. She loves quirky, funny guys.
George: Bald?
Katy: Loves bald.
George: Loves bald? Wow. Who, uh... Who is she?
Katy: Marisa Tomei.
George: The actress?
Katy: Yeah.
George: You're friends with Marisa Tomei?
Katy: That's right.
George: That's- That's incredible. My Cousin Vinnie, I love her, she was fantastic!
Katy: Yeah, I know.
George: You were gonna fix me up with her?
Katy: Yeah, she's just been sitting home.
George: Marisa Tomei's sitting home, Elaine! Wh- Why didn't you tell me that Katy was friends with Marisa Tomei?!
Elaine: Oh, I don't know what I was thinking.

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