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Quote from Kramer in The Seven

Jerry: Hey, is this your half a can of soda in the fridge?
Kramer: No, that's yours. My half is gone.
Jerry: What?
Kramer: Yeah, I put my half a can here on the tab. Why, what's your beef?
Jerry: You cannot buy half a can of soda.
Kramer: Well, why not?
Jerry: Well, I don't wanna get into the whole physics of carbonation with you here, but you know the sound a can makes when you open it?
Kramer: Yeah.
Jerry: That is the sound of you buying a whole can. And the same goes for this, okay? [Jerry holds up an apple with a huge bite missing] When you pierce the skin of a piece of fruit, you've bought the whole fruit. Not a third of an apple. Not a half of a banana. You bite it, you bought it.

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