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Quote from Jerry in The Maestro

Jerry: Yeah, you know the other day how you mentioned that there were no houses available in Tuscany?
Maestro: You didn't find one, did you?
Jerry: No. I'm not really looking.
Maestro: Nor should you.
Jerry: But are you telling me there's not one house to rent in all of Tuscany?
Maestro: The houses are passed down from generation to generation. It's very hard.
Jerry: I can't get a sublet, a guest room, a cot, nothing?
Maestro: It's booked solid!
Elaine: It's booked, Jerry!
Jerry: How'd you get yours?
Maestro: Got lucky. Come on, Elaine, let's take a ride, I was about to pop in some Verdi.
[Elaine sings "La donna è mobile" as she gets into the Maestro's car. They drive away.]
Jerry: Maybe I'll check out France.

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