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Quote from Newman in The Big Salad

Newman: Hello, Jerry. What a rare treat. What brings you down to the east wing?
Jerry: Okay, pudgy, lets stop playing games. Now, what happened with Margaret?
Newman: There's no need to get excited. Can't we discuss this like gentlemen?
Jerry: No, we can't. My skin is crawling just being inside your little rat's nest. Now, what happened?
Newman: Do you really want to know what happened? I'll tell you what happened. She wasn't my type.
Jerry: Not your type?
Newman: Not really.
Jerry: Well, how come?
Newman: Oh, she just didn't do it for me.
Jerry: What? What is wrong with her?
Newman: Well, if you're happy with her, that's all that matters.
Jerry: You don't think she's attractive?
Newman: No. I need a really pretty face. But, hey, that's me.
Jerry: Okay, Newman, thanks a lot.
Newman: Care for some lemonade?
Jerry: No, thank you.
Newman: Drop by anytime, Jerry. [laughs]

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