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Quote from Jerry in The Glasses

Jerry: But I want to know, when did glasses go from being this carefully crafted medical apparatus to just this mall impulse item. "Honey, I'm going out for yogurt and a pair of trifocals. You need anything?" It's always "Glasses in about an hour." "How much?" "75 bucks." "Well, here's $72. It's about $75, okay?" What are trying to coordinate it with the one-hour photo place, is that the idea? "Hurry up. Give me the glasses. My pictures are coming out right now. I need to see 'em!" Then they have those Woolworth glasses, you know, that are like...? They're there. They're there now. No eye exam. You don't have any idea what's wrong with your eyes. And the glasses are made up. They're ready and waiting for you to just walk in. "Thank you." You just walk into a wall.

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