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Quote from Kramer in The Mango

Kramer: All right, now here's the list.
Jerry: All this? It's too much. What do you need five mangoes for?
Kramer: I like mangoes.
Jerry: Avocado? I don't know how to pick out an avocado.
Kramer: Well, they gotta be soft.
Jerry: How soft?
Kramer: Not too soft. Better too hard than too soft.
Jerry: I'm not going through this every week, I tell you that right now. And what are these? Plums? What is that?
Kramer: Yeah, now get the ones that are red on the inside.
Jerry: Well, how do I know what they look like on the inside? What do they look like on the outside?
Kramer: Oh! And get some plantains.
Jerry: Plantains?
Kramer: Yeah.
Jerry: What the hell is a plantain?
Kramer: It's part of the banana family. It's a delicacy.
Jerry: You're not getting any plantains.

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