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Quote from George in The Note

George: I can't get a massage from a man.
Elaine: Why not?
George: What, are you crazy? I can't have a man touching me. Switch with me.
Elaine: No, I don't want the man either.
George: What's the difference? You're a woman. They're supposed to be touching you.
Elaine: He'd just be touching your back.
George: He'd just be touching your back too.
Elaine: No, it could get sexual.
George: I know. That's the point. If it's gonna get sexual, it should get sexual with you.
Elaine: I wouldn't be comfortable.
George: I would? What if something happens?
Elaine: What could happen?
George: What if it felt good?
Elaine: It's supposed to feel good.
George: I don't want it to feel good.
Elaine: Then why get the massage?
George: Exactly!

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