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Quote from Mr. Steinbrenner in The Caddy

Mr. Steinbrenner: Come in! [Wilhelm enters] Ah, Wilhelm.
Wilhelm: Mr. Steinbrenner, I am very concerned about George Costanza.
Mr. Steinbrenner: How about a "good morning"?
Wilhelm: Yes, sir. Good morning. Good morning, sir.
Mr. Steinbrenner: Good morning to you, Wilhelm.
Wilhelm: Anyway, his car's in the parking lot. The front end is bashed in, and there's blood in the car, and we can't find him anywhere. Obviously, he was in some sort of terrible car accident, and, trooper
that he is, he tried to make it into work, sir.
Mr. Steinbrenner: All right, Wilhelm, listen to me. I want the stadium scoured. He could be bleeding to death in the bullpen. Put everyone on alert. Check all the area hospitals, clinics, shelters. We've gotta find that kid.
Wilhelm: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Mr. Steinbrenner: We must find George. Find him, Wilhelm!

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