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Quote from George in The Big Salad

George: So did you enjoy your lunch?
Elaine: Yeah. The big salad. It was very good. Actually it was too big. [both chuckle] Why?
George: Oh... No... Because she handed you the bag. I could have handed you the bag. She just happened to pick it up at the restaurant even though...
Elaine: Even though what?
George: No, it's just you thanked her, and, oh... What's the difference?
Elaine: What? What are you trying to say, George?
George: It's just that I was the one who actually paid for the big salad. She just happened to hand it to you. But it's no big deal.
Elaine: You want the money for the big salad, George?
George: No, no.
Elaine: Then what is the problem?
George: There is no problem. Just a small miscommunication. Whereby you thanked her instead of the person actually responsible for purchasing the big salad.

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