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Quote from Kramer in The Shoes

Kramer: I just kissed Gail Cunningham.
Jerry: You what?
Kramer: Yeah, I kissed her.
Jerry: You kissed her?
Kramer: Right on the mouth.
Jerry: What kinda great friend are you? How do you go from snubbing to kissing?
Kramer: Well, you know, I saw her outside the Y. You know, she came up to me, she started yelling because I snubbed her. And then we started talking a little bit, and I walked her to her building. And just before I left, I put my arm around her waist, I pulled her to me, and I... I planted one!
Jerry: And what did she do?
Kramer: She kissed me back.
Jerry: I don't get this. I go out with this girl three times, she doesn't want to shake my hand. Why's she kissing you?
Kramer: Because I snubbed her. You see? Women, they like that! Yes! I understand women. The snub is good, they love the snub!
George: No, they don't. I tried that once. I snubbed for a year. Nothing. Every woman I saw, I snubbed. You never saw people so pleased.

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