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Quote from George in The Wallet

Jerry: You what? You passed? How could you do that?
George: Jerry, my young friend... you're so naive. You are so, so nave. You know about a few things. You know about comedy, a little bit about relationships, some baseball, but you are so far out of your element here, you are embarrassing yourself. Now, listen to me. I am negotiating. Negotiation, this is what you do in business.
Jerry: Let me explain to you what you just did. There are literally hundreds of people trying to get pilot deals with them this year. They go with maybe five, okay? If we pass, they go to the next show.
George: Ooh, I'm scared. Oh, they're not going to do the show.
Jerry: We're lucky they're even interested in the idea in the first place. We got a show about nothing. With no story. What do you think, they're up there going, "Hey, maybe we should give those two guys, who have no experience and no idea, more money!"
George: Oh, what are we going to do? I'm shaking! I'm shaking!

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