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Quote from George in The Revenge

Levitan: Am I crazy, or didn't you quit?
George: When?
Levitan: Friday.
George: Oh, what? What? That? Are you kidding? I didn't quit. What? You took that seriously?
Levitan: You mean, laughingstock? All that stuff?
George: Come on. Will you stop it.
Levitan: No brains? No ability?
George: Teasing.
Levitan: Okay. I want you outta here.
George: I don't know where you're getting this from. I... You're serious aren't you? Oh, [laughing] you see? You just don't know my sense of humor. I mean, Dan, don't I joke around all the time?
Dan: I wouldn't say all the time.
Levitan: You can't win. You can't beat me. That's why I'm here and you're there. Because I'm a winner. I'll always be a winner and you'll always be a loser.

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