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Quote from George in The Seven

George: Aw, come on. It's a fantastic name. It's a real original, nobody else is gonna have it and I absolutely love it.
Susan Ross: Well, I dunno how original it's gonna be any more.
George: Why not?
Susan Ross: Well I was telling Carrie about our argument, and when I told them the name, they just loved it.
George: So, what are you saying?
Susan Ross: They're gonna name their baby Seven.
George: What?! They're stealing the name?! That's my name, I made it up!
Susan Ross: I can't believe that they're using it.
George: Well, now it's not gonna be original! It's gonna lose all its cachet!
Susan Ross: I dunno how much cachet it had to begin with.
George: Oh, it's got cachet, baby! It's got cachet up the yin-yang!

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