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Quote from Jerry in The Caddy

Jerry: I don't know why people are surprised when someone gets hit in the head with a golf ball. Have you ever watched these tournaments on TV? You got 600 people crowding around a hole that big and no one can believe it when a Titleist gets bounced off someone's coconut. You know, you throw a rock into a crowd, that's considered terrorism. But if you have a nice follow-through, you know, that's golf. I'm always impressed with the golf cameraman whose job it is to follow the golf ball when it's in the sky. You know what I mean, it's a little white ball doing 100 miles an hour on a white background. "I got it. I lost it. I got it. I lost it." Why bother? Aim the camera at the sky. Aim it at the ground. Take a ball out of your pocket. Throw it down. Who's gonna know where the hell it came from?

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