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Quote from Kramer in The Junior Mint

Dr. Siegel: [o.s.] Now we'll open the peritoneal cavity, exposing the body's internal organs. Nurse, retractor.
Jerry: What are you eating?
Kramer: Junior Mints. Do you want one?
Jerry: No.
Kramer: I can't see. Psst. [motions to the doctor to move out of the way]
Jerry: Where'd you get those?
Kramer: The machine. You want one? Here, take one.
Jerry: I don't want any!
Kramer: No, they're good!
Jerry: I don't want any!
Kramer: Just take one.
Jerry: No! Kramer, stop it!
[Jerry tussles with Kramer as he tries to force a Junior Mint on him. The Junior Mint goes flying from the observation deck, and lands in Roy's surgical cavity. The doctors and nurses hear a sound but have no idea what happened.]

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