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Quote from Kramer in The Cheever Letters

Kramer: No more golf.
Jerry: Why?
Kramer: Well, you remember I told you about the pro, you know, at the Westchester Country Club, who's letting me play a round every time I give him a couple of those Cuban cigars?
Jerry: Yeah.
Kramer: Yeah, well, I lost them all in the fire! Hey, George, maybe you can ask Susan's father for more, huh?
George: What are you, Crazy? I can't ask the guy for more cigars after you burned down his cabin!
Kramer: Why? What's one thing got to do with another?
George: Kramer, please.
Kramer: Well, I can't go back to the public courses, now. I can't! I won't. I mean, you know what that's like? It's crowded. The grass has big brown patches in it. They don't rake the sand traps! Not to mention the caliber of people you have to play with!

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