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Quote from Drew in Our Couples

Cole: I will take a key, thank you very much.
Drew: I would never willingly give you anything that was not some sort of fatal virus.


‘Our Couples’ Quotes

Quote from Cole

Cole: Man, I never noticed how beautiful a smile you have.
Lucy: Thank you.
Cole: That's probably because I'm mostly focused on how small your cans are.
Lucy: Okay, this is why I don't like you talking during foreplay.
Cole: I didn't know we were about to get nasty.
Lucy: Why do you think none of my horses are watching?
Cole: I truly dig how nuts you are. Oh, hey, can I borrow your laptop to do those endocrine system slides for our study group?
Lucy: What's wrong with yours?
Cole: It's super slow right now 'cause I'm downloading every Golden Girls episode. [laughs] Man, those old chicks are insane. All right, there was this one episode...

Quote from Denise

Lucy: [v.o.] While I was pretending to listen, I thought about how everyone at the hospital seems to be coupling up. There was Drew and Denise. They were still in their puppy love stage.
Denise: Ugh. Drew, if I wanted to be with a girl, I could. Save all the emotional crap for your diary.

Quote from Cole

Cole: You're my number one shorty, yo.
Lucy: Yeah, that actually leads perfectly into what I wanted to talk to you about.
Cole: All ears, boo.
Lucy: See, now that we're officially a couple, we're gonna have to start, well, changing you. Okay, boo?
Cole: [chuckles] Wait, what now?
[later, Lucy lectures Cole in front of a whiteboard:]
Cole: Man, this is so hard! How am I supposed to remember all this?
Lucy: While you're my boyfriend, please refrain from using the following words and phrases: Crushing it, ghost riding the whip, hunting the big dawg, redonkulous, wrangle dangle, shtoops, the "donk" show, gittin' right, homeskillet, broseph, brosephine and sexting.
Cole: On the serious?
Lucy: There's another one. Also, substituting your name for words that sort of sound like your name. Stone Cole, Cole War, Piña Cole-lada. You know what I'm saying.
Cole: Girl, I can't give this all up cole turkey.
Lucy: Why don't we just call it a day? And we'll, uh, start fresh in the morning.
Cole: Sizzle.

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Quote from Our Drunk Friend

Turk: I just think you should go for yours. Go for yours!
Drew: You don't know me. I spent the last year In the Alaskan wilderness, living in a yurt. The only human contact I had was an Eskimo boy who sold me salmon jerky and painkillers. And do you know why? Because when I flunked out of med school before, I consequently torched every relationship that meant anything to me. I'm not taking that chance again.
Turk: What's a yurt?

Quote from Our First Day of School

Drew: Why was Michael in my room?
Denise: His name isn't Michael.
Drew: Well, he has a weird Serbian name that I can't say, so I'm calling him Michael. He loves it.
Michael: I don't. My name is Ilyavich.
Drew: Mike, just go.

Quote from Our Thanks

Turk: Come on. He wasn't even serious about it. I bet he's already moved on.
Drew: Actually, he hasn't. He's still practicing.
[flashback to Lucy and Drew arriving at her dorm room to find Cole has cut open her horse plushes:]
Lucy: [gasps]
Cole: I can fix it.
Drew: And the worst part is, I had to stay in that room for 17 horse funerals.