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Quote from Elliot in My Soul on Fire: Part 1

Elliot: Here you go, Sammy. I know I was supposed to drop Sam off in daycare, but the only other kid there was a creepy little girl with freckles.
J.D.: Please don't give my son your prejudice of redheads.
Elliot: They're god's mistakes, J.D., accept it.


 ‘My Soul on Fire: Part 1’ Quotes

Quote from Turk

Carla: Why aren't you out on the beach?
Turk: Because Daddy came to seduce you. But for me to get my sexy mode, I'm gonna need you to take off the hat and stop picking your toes. [grimaces and groans] It's alright, I'll push through it. Baby, look. Izzy's not here. And this is the Bahamas. The islands of making love. You, me, the ocean. Underwater relations.
Carla: Lead the way. [cellphone rings] That's the nanny. This'll just take a second.
Turk: Okay. It's cool. I'm gonna head down to the water. It'll be just like our honeymoon. Nobody will see what we're doing except for the mermaids.
Carla: Baby, for the last time, mermaids aren't real.
Turk: I know what I saw, woman!

Quote from Turk

Turk: Baby, you know why I love the Bahamas? They got brothers on the money, check it. Don't that look like Uncle Dottie?

Quote from Janitor

J.D.: [v.o.] Spring was in the air and everyone was getting caught up in it. Whether it was a new romance.
Lady: Have you ever been in love before?
Janitor: Once. She was a janitor. Well, for her the mop always came first, you know. And I was fine, until one day, I come home from work early and there they are, in bed. They were just cuddling, but still, you know. It was really the emotional betrayal that makes it hard to talk about. But you've changed all of that for me.