Janitor Quote #305

Quote from Janitor in My Mirror Image

Janitor: Hey, Mojambo. This here's our new flagpole. Why don't you show Old Glory a little respect and snap off a salute?
J.D.: There's no flag up there.
Janitor: We're at war, my friend. All American flags are on backorder. What do you want me to do in the meantime, run a pirate flag up there? Maybe turn the whole building into a pirate ship? I could put a captain's wheel up on the roof, catch a parrot somehow, slap on an eyepatch, go to work with a caulk-gun, seal her up, make her watertight, I can take her out to sea.
J.D.: Are you insane?
Janitor: Nah. I'm a pirate.
J.D.: Whatever. I'm- I'm not saluting a pole!
Janitor: And so it begins again.


 ‘My Mirror Image’ Quotes

Quote from Kim

J.D.: You know what's so messed up about this whole baby thing? I mean, I feel like I'm drowning, and it hasn't even fazed Kim.
[meanwhile, Kim is crying as she operates on a patient:]
Kim: [sobbing] Okay, let's, uh, close her up.
Nurse: Dr. Briggs? Why are you crying?
Kim: This song always gets me. My brother was killed by a funky cold medina.

Quote from Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: [whistles] Gather round, doomed new interns who just paged me! Quick question: What does this outfit tell you?
Dr. Kelso: You are entering a Joe Piscopo look-alike contest?
Dr. Cox: It means that I was just working out which, incidentally, is the last remaining activity I have in my adult life that qualifies as "me time." Other activities recently crossed off of that list include my morning dump and all showers. You see, my dear son Jack has decided that those are team sports. However, I'm here, and I'm totally psyched to hear whatever the super-de-duper reason is that you paged me.
Intern #1: Mr. White's chart said to remove his eight stitches, but we counted nine. Should we leave one?
Dr. Cox: That's it. Every single one of you is gonna run laps around the hallways until I say stop. [interns laugh] Ya! Ya! Ya, ya, ya! Ya!

Quote from Janitor

[The Janitor sprays a window with blue cleaning fluid and wipes it. He then aims the spray in his mouth. Dr. Kelso takes a second look as he passes by.]
Janitor: I filled it with blue Gatorade. I just do that to freak people out.
Dr. Kelso: Scintillating.