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Quote from Dr. Cox in My Bright Idea

Dr. Cox: Carla, Carla. There is a better way. I don't like it, but Jordan tells her friends intimate details about me. Our sex lives, parenting deficiencies. The point is I'm sure Elliot has told you things about Keith. So instead of yelling at him, why not calmly let him know that you know things that he thinks no one knows.
Carla: Oh, Keith, mind taking a walk with me?
Keith: Yeah.
Elliot: Is Carla gone?
Dr. Cox: Yeah. She sure is.
Elliot: Oh, thank God.
Dr. Cox: Say Barbie? We're even.
Elliot: Oh, no.


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Quote from Janitor

J.D.: [v.o.] Every workplace has that guy who has to top everyone else's story.
Janitor: When I was 19, I was a world-class 110-meter hurdler. I still remember the nationals like they were yesterday.
[flashback to the Janitor with a mustache, smoking at the starting line:]
Announcer: Runners, take your positions. On your mark, set... [starting pistol fires]
Janitor: Good race.
Janitor: They offered me a full ride at Grambling, but I slept with the president's daughter. Not the college president. The president of the United States. But, hey, if Amy Carter asks you up for a nightcap, you do not say no.

Quote from Janitor

J.D.: Here are some of the lies you've told us over the last five years. You went to Harvard. You have a wife who only has a pointer and thumb pinkie. You have a brother-dad, a mother-sister. You have two kids. No, wait, one kid. No, you had a baby with a Chinese local. You're deaf-mute. Oh, wait. Now you're telling us you're a world-class hurdler and you slept with the beautiful and irreplaceable Amy Carter.
Janitor: I didn't sleep with Amy Carter. We did everything but.
J.D.: Oh.
Janitor: And I really was a world-class hurdler.
J.D.: We're not buying it. Are we, gang?
All: No.
J.D.: The people have spoken. Allow me to bask in the glow.

Quote from J.D.

Turk: The family wants me to do a hip surgery. What are they thinking? The guy's 92.
Carla: He's their grandfather. It's not like he's a dog and they can go to a kennel and pick out another one.
[fantasy: J.D. is at a "grandfather kennel":]
Woman: We just got a lot of great new grandfathers in.
J.D.: OK. Ooh! Look at this one. He's so cute!
Old Man: Hey! Get out of my yard.
Woman: He's not good with people.
Woman: He's great, but we really don't want to separate them.
J.D.: Well, I already have a grandma.
J.D.: If I get one this little, everybody's gonna think I'm gay.
J.D.: Oh, look at this fellow. Come here, boy. Got a little hard candy for you. Come here, boy. Yes. Good boy. Who's a good boy? You got a candy you can unwrap in a movie theater.
J.D.: I'd name him Sebastian.