Dr. Cox Quote #358

Quote from Dr. Cox in My Catalyst

J.D.: I just want you to check out Mrs. Barlow's chart. I'm always second-guessing myself when it comes to interstitial lung diseases.
Dr. Cox: Oh, then you should definitely handle this yourself, there, Britney. I'm going with female pop stars today. The point is that back when I was a resident, I had all sorts of trouble with metabolic diseases. You know what I did? I grabbed every case I could get my hands on until I had it down pat.
J.D.: Got it. You really had trouble with metabolic diseases?
Dr. Cox: No. I'm a good doctor.


 ‘My Catalyst’ Quotes

Quote from Turk

Turk: Oh, hello, Mr. Gallbladder. Don't you get too comfy next to Mr. Liver. Because here comes Dr. Turk's robot laser.
Dr. Wen: Hey, Christopher. I could do without the color commentary.
Turk: Why it gotta be a "color commentary"? 'Cause I'm doing it? Just kiddin'.

Quote from Ted

Dr. Kelso: [horn blares] That ought to keep those damn crows from crapping on my car all the time.
Ted: I doubt they'll be back, sir. You know, unless someone who comes up here every day, trying to find the courage the jump, passes the time by throwing birdseed on your car's hood.
Dr. Kelso: Stop babbling, Ted. No one's ever listening.

Quote from Dr. Cox

J.D.: Dr. Cox? I could use a little help.
Dr. Cox: Beyonce, you could use a lot of help. But, hey, we all have to play the hand the Big Guy dealt us. You know, unless you're lucky enough to have those insanely over-hyped Queer Eye guys show up at your door, but I doubt even they have the brass ones necessary to fix whatever the hell this is...