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Quote from Elliot in My Friend the Doctor

Mr. Moran: Young lady, would it brighten your day any if I told you I thought you were the best damn doctor in this hospital?
Elliot: Mr. Moran, why couldn't my father be more like you? I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I got depressed and my dad didn't make me feel better- Actually, he did give me a dollar every time I got depressed. By the end of junior high, I already had a hundred and seventy bucks. And then got mugged and lost it all. But, by the end of that night, of course, I was back up to a dollar.


 ‘My Friend the Doctor’ Quotes

Quote from Dr. Cox

Carla: You are entering a new phase in your life. Why are you fighting it?
Dr. Cox: I'm not- I'm not fighting anything.
Carla: So, even though you have a full head of hair, you still take Propecia because you like the way it tastes?
Dr. Cox: You know, the other day I found a gray hair in my happy trail.
Carla: Is that the patch of hair that goes from your belly button down to your pe-
Dr. Cox: It is, indeed.
Carla: So? You have a gray happy trail! A lot of women find it distinguished.
Dr. Cox: Carla, I have a six-month-old child. I'm gonna be one of those weird old guys who brings my son down to the park, where everybody is like, "Hmm, is he the dad? Is he the grand-dad? Is he the grand-dad's grand-dad? And, oh, my God! Why is he pushing a traffic cone on the swing while his five-year-old little boy is in the mud crying? Is- Is he taunting the little boy? No! He can't even see the little boy! And, now look, he's actually taking the traffic cone, putting it in the mini-van, and driving away while the little boy cries and the traffic cone sits quietly and watches Finding Nemo on DVD."

Quote from Janitor

Janitor: [British accent] Evenin' governor! What's up your bum?
J.D.: You know why I wanted that to be you in The Fugitive? Because it would mean you used to be a guy who had dreams and ambitions. And even though things didn't work out the way you'd hoped, at least it would explain why you are the way you are and make you human. But instead, it turns out you're nothing more than a a jerk who just likes to mess with people for no reason. [walks away]
Janitor: Kimble! You tell anybody, I'll kill ya.

Quote from Janitor

J.D.: So, I've been asking around, and apparently you're known as one of three people: Nigel, the Brit; Klaus, the dim-witted German - yes, I said "dim-witted; or a simple, good-natured stutterer named Efram. Am I the only one that knows the real you?
Janitor: Who says this is the real me? [Nigel] Perhaps this is? [Klaus] Or this.
Doug: Hey, Klaus. In your country, how come Hamburg and Frankfurt, they have nothing to do with hamburgers or hot dogs?
Janitor: [German accent] Why is your Lake Titicaca not filled with boobs and poop?