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Quote from Dr. Cox in My Own American Girl

Dr. Cox: Now, I would've never figured it out unless you guys had done the leg work. You four deserve all the credit, really. [enters patient's room] Mrs. Farr, Dr. Cox has saved the day! Don't ya just love it? Come here!


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Quote from Janitor

Elliot: What are you doing in here!?
Janitor: It's the men's room.
Elliot: I know! I mean, it's not like I thought those were some kind of new female urinals, and then tried them, and found them oddly comfortable...
Janitor: I'm just gonna replace these, uh, urinal cakes, and then, uh, I'll go.
Elliot: Why can't I just grow up? Why can't I be stronger? Janitor? Have you ever looked at yourself and wished that you were different in every single way?
Janitor: No. I'm a winner. But, I will tell you something that my grandmother told me when I was a kid, even though at the time I thought she was my mother. She said: "Time spent wishing is time wasted." Now, she died shortly after that. And my sister, who actually was my mother, she never got over it. Neither did my brother-dad. But the point is this: If you want to be different, then be different!

Quote from Elliot

Elliot: Sean?
Sean: Hey, Elliot! How you doing?
Elliot: You look great! Except, the buzz-cut has kind of tapped into this recurring dream I have where my dad makes me marry this army colonel named Johnny Case who, as it turns out, already has a wife in the Philippines. Anyways, she and I become friends, but then she smothers him with her thighs and then frames me for it.
Sean: Well, yeah, I'm- I'm doing about the same, too.

Quote from Dr. Cox

J.D.: [v.o.] As a third-year resident, you know everyone so well you can practically speak for them. For instance... [Turk:] Remember: No more dancing. Pow! [Carla:] Good morning, Bambi. Sign this, please? [Janitor] Who you eyeballing, tough guy? [J.D.:] And of course... [Dr. Cox:] Well, Zsa Zsa. Now you've put me in quite the pickle. You see with those earphones on, you can't hear me, but! The odds are highly against you cracking open that yapper and annoying me today. So, what to do? What to do? What to do? Ah, hell-
Dr. Cox: Stop addressing me as "Dr. Cox" in front of your patients. When they find out my actual name, they tend to page me with questions when they realize just exactly how inept you really are. Oh, and as an added safety measure, from now on, I'll only be responding to "Doc," "Doctor," "Caesar," or "The Big Cheese;" and no, I'm not joking. Not now. Not ever.