Janitor Quote #82

Quote from Janitor in My New Old Friend

Turk: Hey, that whole damn building is packed with liars.
J.D.: It is not.
[meanwhile, at a school career day:]
Janitor: Well, if the cut was that deep, I'd probably just pull your arm off. Once again Dr. Jan ltor. Dr. Jan ltor.


 ‘My New Old Friend’ Quotes

Quote from J.D.

Turk: Where the hell is Carla? Man, we're gonna miss the previews.
J.D.: Hey, you're black, right?
Turk: Here we go.
J.D.: I hate that stereotype that all black people yell at movie screens. You know, like you go see some horror flick and you'd be yelling, "Don't go in there, girl! He behind the door!" You know? It's like, it's offensive.
Turk: You wish you were allowed to yell at the screen, don't ya?
J.D.: Why does she go in there? I mean, he's behind the door!

Quote from Janitor

J.D.: [v.o.] Sometimes when you're down, you end up taking it out on the wrong person.
J.D.: Going on vacation?
Janitor: I get it, 'cause I'm a janitor, so when I pack for vacation I just pack cleaning supplies. That's funny.
J.D.: I thought so.
Janitor: Actually, I'm going to speak at my son's career day.
J.D.: About being a janitor?
Janitor: Well, you think there aren't kids out there that wanna grow up to make the world sparkle?

Quote from Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: Oh, joy of joys, Mr. Corman, you've joined us yet again. And what imaginary disease is ailing you this time, my good man?
Elliot: This time he thinks he has the Yaba virus.
Mr. Corman: Your hair got longer. And I don't appreciate your tone.
Dr. Cox: Last month you thought you had Familial Mediterranean Fever.
Mr. Corman: I was at my friend Kelly Papadopolous' wedding, okay? I share a glass of ouzo with this guy named Yanos. Twenty minutes later, I ask the guy to pull over because I'm gonna explode in some guy's rose garden. Now what would you think?
Dr. Cox: Same thing I think right now. You got yourself a bad case of the "Wish you were sicks."