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Quote from Dr. Kelso in My Way or the Highway

Dr. Cox: Look it, you fired a dear, dear friend of mine. That woman was like family.
Dr. Kelso: Who?
Dr. Cox: Who? I'll tell you who... Coffee Nurse. When you fired Coffee Nurse, you made this whole thing personal.
Dr. Kelso: No, you made it personal. You gave me all that lip yesterday in front of the interns. Look, you want to know why I laid off those first two nurses? Budgetary constraints forced a cut, and those two had negative reports. And you think I did it to make myself happy. [laughs] I wouldn't notice if they all caught on fire.
Dr. Cox: Well then why in God's name did you axe Coffee Nurse?
Dr. Kelso: Because you were being an ass. You're right, that was personal. My bad. Golly, I do love moist cake.


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Quote from Doug

Dr. Kelso: Who gets to tell us the symptoms of Ménière's disease? Dr. Murphy?
Doug: Can you use it in a sentence?

Quote from Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: Sorry to interrupt you there, but I gotta ask you a quick question. Now, when you were born, nay, spawned by the Dark Prince himself, did that rat bastard forget to give you a hug before he sent you along your way? Because you can't just let two good nurses go on account of feeling small and insignificant. And besides, with your money, you ought to be able to keep a man tucked away in the closet and bring him out when you want to knock him around, huh? As you were.

Quote from J.D.

J.D.: [v.o.] Here's the problem with a surgical consult. I think Mr. Hoffner should be treated medically, but any surgeon is going to want to slice and dice him. You see, surgical and medical interns are like two rival gangs. Not real gangs. More like those cheesy gangs you see in Broadway musicals.
[fantasy: J.D., Elliot and the medical doctors, Turk and the surgeons dance towards each other in the corridor]
All: Surgical, medical, surgical, yeah!
J.D.: [v.o.] Still, I knew there was one surgical intern I could count on.
J.D.: [singing] If you have some moles I will inspect them
Turk: [singing] I'll remove tumours from your brain to your rectum
Both: [singing] Between the two of us there is no wall We're a surgeon and a doc Above it all A surgeon and a doc Above it All