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27Quotes from ‘Our Dear Leaders’

Scrubs: Our Dear Leaders

911. Our Dear Leaders

Aired January 26, 2010

Dr. Turk feels threatened when a hot shot African-American surgeon visits the hospital. Lucy takes control of the study group when Dr. Cox tells Drew to ignore his peers.

Quote from Dr. Kelso

Denise: So you're too good to assist Russell now?
Turk: No, I am the chief of surgery. I am no one's secretary.
Dr. Kelso: Secretary? He's asking you to help him with a tricky surgery.
Turk: Sir, do you just hang around, waiting for conversations to weigh in on?
Dr. Kelso: Yeah. That and my judge shows get me through the day. Now, look, good leaders don't care about their ego. If all you want to do is get massaged, I've got the number of a girl who will take you to the mountaintop.
Denise: God, you are a nasty old man.
Dr. Kelso: Thanks, dear. Turkleton, let me cut to the quick. Either you get into that surgery, pucker up and start kissing Russell's ass so he continues to raise giant sums of money for this hospital, which helps everyone, or you can continue to act like a what was that, dear?
Denise: Tiny girl bitch.
Dr. Kelso: That's right. Either way, it's your call, chief.
Turk: Sir, you're so happy you're not the chief anymore, aren't you?
Dr. Kelso: Every second.


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