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My Bright Idea

‘My Bright Idea’

Season 5, Episode 16 - Aired March 28, 2006

When Turk learns that Carla is pregnant, J.D. convinces him to have the entire hospital staff reveal the news to her. Meanwhile, J.D. has the Janitor swallow a small GPS tracker.

Quote from Dr. Kelso

Dr. Kelso: Would somebody please tell me who's pregnant?
Turk: Carla.
Dr. Kelso: Another kid? My God! How many does that make?
Turk: This is her first one.
Dr. Kelso: If you say so, son.


Quote from J.D.

J.D.: [beeping] Hello, Janitor hiding around the corner waiting to grab me.
Janitor: How'd you know that was me?
J.D.: I'm holding a GPS warning device that goes off whenever you come within 100 meters of me. It's responding to a sensor in your stomach.
Janitor: I knew that wasn't a penny.
J.D.: You'll never get near me.

Quote from Dr. Kelso

Turk: Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso. Look who I've got.
Dr. Cox: Hey, Carla.You're glowing.
Carla: Really?
Dr. Kelso: Nurse Espinonsa, have your breasts gotten bigger?
Carla: Whoa! Dr. Kelso, that is inappropriate.
Turk: Baby, that sounds like a compliment to me. Maybe you're just a little hormonal.
Dr. Cox: Well done, Bob. A little direct, but I definitely think we put the idea of pregnancy in her head.
Dr. Kelso: Oh, is that what we were doing? I was just making conversation.

Quote from Carla

Carla: I have been a little moody.
Turk: Yes, you have been. This morning I was a little nauseous, but I thought it was pizza rolls I had for breakfast. Yes, I like them. We can get them from now on.

Quote from J.D.

Nurse Roberts: Hey! Somebody get me down from here!
Carla: What's she yelling about?
J.D.: I don't know. I'll have someone from the Psych ward check her out.

Quote from Janitor

J.D.: [v.o.] I was a little anxious because it was time to change Mr. Beeper's batteries. All clear to the left, all clear to the right. You can do this.
Janitor: He's 100 meters away and it's gonna him at least take ten seconds to change batteries. That's not even a world-record pace. Ready set go!
[The Janitor jumps over a series construction barriers to knock J.D. down in under ten seconds]
Janitor: Time! [beeps] Still got it.

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