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Quote from Drew in Our First Day of School

Drew: Young Michael informed me that you told everyone to come to me with their personal problems.
Denise: Yeah, I did. I checked on you. You've already been to med school once already when you were 21. And you didn't just flame out, you, like, you went nuclear. Seriously, how was prison?
Drew: It was cold. You couldn't just let me be. Well, I'm gonna take the high road and not mention your mannish voice and all the pictures you have in here of your friends. Tell me, which one's your B.F.F.?
Denise: You are a giant douche.
Drew: I know. Want to take a shower together?
Denise: Fine.
Drew: I know you think you're so hot, but I'm not a fan.
Denise: Hey, I'm not happy about this either, okay?

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