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Quote from J.D. in My Identity Crisis

J.D.: Ah, alone for the weekend. Wonder what he's gonna do.
[fantasy: Dr. Cox slides across the floor in his underwear, a la Risky Business:]
J.D.: [slides across] Hi, Perry!
Dr. Cox: No, no you can't. Get out!
J.D.: Well, I tough it could be fun.
Dr. Cox: No. [Turk slides across]
J.D.: Turk, he said no.
Turk: But you told me...
J.D.: I assumed he'd say yes. [Todd slides across] I did not invite the Todd.
Todd: Fellas, why are you wearing such giant underwear?
J.D.: Sometimes, you just gotta say: What the fudge?
Elliot: That's not the line.
J.D.: I saw it on a plane.

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