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Quote from Dr. Cox in My Scrubs

Dr. Cox: Nothing ever changes. The artist formerly known as Prince is still just Prince. My ex-wife is still pretty much my wife. Grey's Anatomy always reps up every episode some cheesy voiceover that ties together all of the story lines, which incidentally is my least favorite device on television. Newbie continually will try to violate my no-touching policy. [looks around] Uh-huh. And Republicans will forever try to raise-
J.D.: Sneak hug!
Dr. Cox: Of course, I would go kill him right now but he actually just helped to prove my point.
Nurse Roberts: This is gonna help, too. There are ten orders of Percocet missing from the pharmacy.
Dr. Cox: Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea who I'm gonna give my complementary urine test to! [whistles at Mr. Thompson]

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