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Quote from Janitor in My Bright Idea

J.D.: Here are some of the lies you've told us over the last five years. You went to Harvard. You have a wife who only has a pointer and thumb pinkie. You have a brother-dad, a mother-sister. You have two kids. No, wait, one kid. No, you had a baby with a Chinese local. You're deaf-mute. Oh, wait. Now you're telling us you're a world-class hurdler and you slept with the beautiful and irreplaceable Amy Carter.
Janitor: I didn't sleep with Amy Carter. We did everything but.
J.D.: Oh.
Janitor: And I really was a world-class hurdler.
J.D.: We're not buying it. Are we, gang?
All: No.
J.D.: The people have spoken. Allow me to bask in the glow.

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