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Quote from J.D. in My Self-Examination

J.D.: Look, Danni, the reason I'm here is, well... First of all I wanted to give you back your skull lighter. Secondly, you always seem to have some insight in to why I'm so messed up. I mean here I-I chase after Elliot for three years, now I don't want her.
Danni: Well, maybe it's 'cause you idealize women and no one can live up to your standards.
J.D.: Why would I idealize women?
Danni: What's your mom like?
Mrs. Dorian: I love you, honey. You're the smartest, handsomest, sweetest boy in the whole world. And no matter how hard you look, you will never find a woman who'll love you as much as I do.
Young J.D.: I know, Mommy.
J.D.: My mom is perfect.

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