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Quote from Carla in My Screw Up

Carla: I hate him for doing this to me. I don't think he understands that "Espinosa" is more than a name to me. It's my heritage. It's also a candy bar in Ecuador. But mostly it's my heritage. I just don't wanna do this, Dr. Kelso, but I already agreed. What should I do?
Dr. Kelso: Well, Nurse Snickers, until now you've been white noise. But as you've forced me to respond, let me tell you a couple of things that only a few people know. I haven't paid my country club dues since '97, but I still tee off every Wednesday at 8:15 and take a bare ass steam when the last putt drops. But, more importantly, I really don't care about any of you or your problems, and you can confirm that with Ted.
Ted: Don't those Espinosas have nougat?

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