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Quote from Nurse Roberts in My Last Day

Turk: What the hell, Elliot? You can't just pawn this Bober guy off on me.
Elliot: Hey, it was J.D.'s patient! I was just the middleman. Woman. Person.
J.D.: Look, we can stand here and argue about who screwed who.
Elliot: Or?
J.D.: Or nothing. I'm on break. Let's do it.
Turk: Look, rock-paper-scissors right now.
J.D.: Fine. Loser gets Bober.
All: Once, twice, three, shoot!
Woman: Did you say Bober? I'm looking for my grandfather, Frank Bober.
Nurse Roberts: We moved him to the ICU, dear. He'll show you up.
Elliot: That's OK. She- She didn't hear us.
Nurse Roberts: No, but Jesus did. [singing] Just a closer walk with thee

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