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Quote from Dan in My New Suit

J.D.: So, Dan, to what do we owe this... something.
Dan: Uh, I had to blow out of town. Mom doinked her new boyfriend and then guilted him into getting me an interview. [shudders]
J.D.: Well, you know, Mom does what she has to do.
Dan: Why do I need another full-time job? I got a sweet setup at home. I got a sweet pad in Mom's attic, I'm driving Dad's old Plymouth Horizon, rest his soul, and because I'm the senior bartender at KJ's, I get to take home half the extra chicken wings. A thank you.
Dr. Cox: Dan, do you ever have to pinch yourself to make sure it's all not some crazy dream?
Dan: That does not count as a formal hello, Coxsmith.
J.D.: Don't call him Coxsmith.
Dan: I call him Coxsmith.

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