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Quote from Janitor in My New Suit

J.D.: [v.o.] Now that Dan knew Elliot wasn't into him, my focus had shifted from keeping him away from her to avoiding him so he doesn't kill me.
J.D.: Hey, Mr. Brooks. Let's get these bandages off you, huh? What are you doing?
Janitor: Mr. Brooks wanted safety tips on operating propane heaters.
J.D.: As long as you're not my brother.
Janitor: I had a brother once. Well, he's still my brother. My parents adopted him when I was about 12. He was about 46. Actually older than my parents. His name was Clete and he talked like this, "How's it going? How's it going?" Good kid. Did what they said. Make the bed, mop the floor, sweep the lawn, whatever needed to be done. Everything was good till he was in his 50s and, wow, did he have a midlife crisis. Him and my dad fought constantly. And I mean really physically beating on each other. But I don't blame him for it. I blame my mom for sleeping with him. That's just out of line.
J.D.: Yeah.
Janitor: Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is your brother told me if I keep you focused on me, he would let me watch.
J.D.: Watch what?
Dan: Hey, little brother.
J.D.: [screams]

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