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Quote from Turk in My Rule of Thumb

Turk: That's Stephanie, our new transplant patient.
Dr. Cox: Oh. And you picked her, so I'm quite sure she is so very nice.
Stephanie: No, actually she's alienated every member of my surgical team.
Dr. Cox: Sweetheart, you're not even on the surgical team.
Turk: [loudly] I am a very important part of the team that- [normally] I am a very important part of the team, thank you very much.
Dr. Cox: I see, so what, that's that's it? You say she gets the liver and that's the way it goes?
Turk: No, she gets the liver because she followed the rules. Dr. Cox, I know it's really hard on you medical guys, because you spend most of your time with your patients and you get emotionally attached. But as a surgeon, the person I'm closest to is the guy who's giving us the liver. Because it's a gift. And I think it's important that it goes to the person that's proven they're up to the responsibility.
Dr. Cox: Holy cow, I get it. I gotta collect myself for a moment, here. That's very touching.
Turk: You know I'm right.

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