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Quote from Turk in My Way or the Highway

J.D.: Come on, man. Let's get out of here. There's something to do. There's film festivals, theatre, there's museums. Let's get out and get some culture. How about some of that?
Turk: Let's put Rowdy on top of the TV and see which one of us can throw a hat on him first.
J.D.: [v.o.] Turk turns everything into a competition. It can get kind of annoying.
Turk: Let's play "Steak".
J.D.: What?
Turk: Steak. The first person to finish their steak is the winner.
J.D.: No, see, I paid $17 for this steak, and I'm not gonna...You want some?
Turk: "Ankles" is a simple game. The first one to get embarrassed and pull up their scrubs loses.
J.D.: The problem is, these stupid games always seem to end the same way.
Turk: Say it!
Turk: Say it!
Turk: Just say it.
J.D.: I'm your biatch.
Turk: Yes, you are. Now, sit back baby, 'cause Iron Chef is on.

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